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Workplace LearningPut Your Education to Work
Apprenticeship Charlotte is a unique experience at CPCC. By combining on-the-job training and your college coursework, the program jumpstarts a solid career in the field you want. Most apprentices work full-time while attending CPCC part-time to earn a related degree. Many companies pay for tuition, books and related expenses.

By completing a registered apprenticeship program, you’ll receive:
  • CPCC two-year degree, diploma or certificate
  • Official journeyman certificate (state and federal)
  • Top consideration for job openings

Opportunities for high school students
CPCC works directly with the local high schools and jointly with top employers searching for talented apprentices. If you are a high school junior or senior, contact your high school guidance counselor for more information. Prepare by applying for a summer internship to start after your junior or senior year. If selected, the apprenticeship will begin in the fall term.

To be eligible, you’ll need:
  • GPA of 2.5 or higher- Ask your Counselor to send your TRANSCRIPT!
  • Strong attendance record
  • Placement into college algebra and English--Schedule test at CPCC --due by FEB. 12!

Forms and Additional Information
Apprenticeship Charlotte recruiting flyer

FERPA form
Parent inquiries about HS Apprenticeship

Placement Test Dates 2016

Placement Testing Instructions

How to apply to CPCC and obtain a student ID